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Editorial Policy

Submission Guidelines:


  • Articles should be original and has not been plagiarized from any sources/individual. It does not infringe on the rights of others and does not contain any libelous or unlawful statements. 


  • Author will complete and sign “Pre-submission Author Disclosure Form” and submit it to the editorial Board before an accepted article will be scheduled for publication. 


  • Articles should not exceed 4,000 words including footnotes/ references. 


  • Articles must be typed in double space on one side of paper (A-4) and have a sufficient margin. Script should be checked before submission as there is no provision of sending for the proof reading. It must include Abstract, Keywords, Findings and References. English manuscript must be in Times Roman font, font size 11 (for title and headings font size 14). Hindi manuscripts must be in Kruti Dev 010 font, font size 14 (for title and headings font size 16). 


  • All manuscripts must be accompanied with floppy disc. 


  • Citation has to be in the following style: 


It must be listed alphabetically in the order- Surname, Name, Year in bracket, Title/Name of the book, Publisher, Place and Page number in the end of research Paper as under:


Vidya,K.C (1997) 'Political Empowerment of Women at Grass Roots', Kanishka Publication, New Delhi, pp164 -167.


Article: H. Simon (2010) 15 Law Relating to Nuclear Energy, Indian Journal of Nuclear Energy 12-30, at 15.


Review System: Every research paper will be reviewed by a panel of two members of peer review committee/. The criteria used for acceptance of research papers are contemporary relevance, contribution to knowledge, clear and logical analysis, fairly good in English or Hindi and sound methodology of research papers. The Editor reserves the right to reject any manuscript as unsuitable in topic, style or form without requesting external review.


Please address all Communications:


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Post Doctoral Fellow,

Dr Ambedkar International Centre


Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

               15 Janpath, New Delhi

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